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To Save the Baltic Sea Harbor Porpoise, Scientists Try Listening | Hakai  Magazine
A porpoise.

Welcome back my website: this week I’ll be discussing the porpoise: dolphin of the sea. Last year, before I came to UNE, I participated in the first-year camping trip. While I didn’t meet anyone I would keep in touch with through the year, I did have a good time and discover many things, like what’s safe to eat off the ground, and how bad I can smell after a week of hiking with no showers. One of my favorite parts of the experience was kayaking: I had never gone before, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. We were camping on Cow Island, and were kayaking to Long Island for a picnic when we glimpsed a porpoise coming slightly out of the water. This may be, to date, both my most interesting and briefest animal encounter.

Porpoises are like dolphins, but more rounded, and hopefully with a smaller criminal record. On average, most porpoises will go on to become either prominent political figures or dentists (nobody ever notices) though some will decide to earn an art’s degree, but quickly abandon this path after finding that watercolors work surprisingly poorly underwater (finger painting is right out). Porpoises, like dolphins, bats and the Dutch, find prey via echolocation, effectively screaming at their surroundings until food comes out to ask them politely to stop. Porpoises are mammals, meaning they have to hold their breath whenever they go underwater. Given that this is where they do basically all their stuff, they’re pretty miffed about the whole deal. Imagine if you were trying to do your taxes and you had to get up and go to the bathroom every 10 minutes or you’d die. It’s no wonder why dolphins are always doing such illicit crap. At the end of the day, porpoises don’t really have a ton going for them, but at least they’re cute. Thanks for reading, and hopefully I’ll have seen a more interesting animal by next week, like a pterodactyl or a snail or something.

An porpoise


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