DailyCreate 01/26/22 #3667

I went into Daily Create with a very poor understanding of what it was and what I was supposed to do, but after figuring out the task at hand I quickly realized this would likely be my favorite part of the course. Tasked with creating a sign for a fictional national park, I sprung into action and did what I do best: I wrote an adjective, followed by a noun. Flaming Gopher National Park was a great pick, as it featured two of the most common animals in nature, while also sounding like a genuinely terrible place to visit. Now I just needed a tagline: something both promising and ominous. I went with the Styrofoam thing because A) Styrofoam is a very common and believable litter, and B) I’ve been lead to believe that burning Styrofoam is not only noxious but terrible smelling. 


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