SocialMedia Blog #4 Green Crab

A Green Crab

Hello!! For this week’s blog post, I have chosen a picture of a European Green Crab, taken last semester. I found this crab while exploring the rockier side of Freddy Beach, while I was making a chair out of rocks. These crabs are a notorious invasive species, and, like all things from Europe, have been the scourge of New England ever since they arrived via ship. These crabs taste bad and have very little meat, and as such have few natural predators and are not a viable option for fisheries. These crabs can be identified by the 5 spikes on either side of their ‘heads’- remember, g-r-e-e-n. Once, me and my friends spent a night smashing these crabs with a big funny mallet, to save the environment or whatever. Join me next week for more animal facts and stories!!

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