SocialMedia Blog #7 Bobbit Worm

Eeek!! Unt Wormen!

Good day! I ran out of pictures of animals I’ve seen, so this week I’d like to share an animal I think is real neat: the Bobbit Worm!! These critters are polychaetes, meaning they are marine worms. Many marine worms build tubes to live in, but the bobbit worm simply burrows into the seabed. There, they wait to lash out at unsuspecting prey with their retractable jaws. The bobbit worm is named after a baseless theory about the species, and an unfortunate news story I won’t be going into detail about here! Wow! In the wild, bobbit worms can reach lengths of up to 3 meters long! So, y’know, when you’re scuba diving it’s probably best to stay 4 meters above the seabed. Once, fish were going missing in a aquarium, and it was discovered that an enormous bobbit worm was living in the tank, and had likely entered along with a decoration as a baby. That’s all I have for this week, so remember to do chin-ups with the shower bar while you bathe lest you be mutilated!! Bye!!

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