SocialMedia Blog #3 Groundhog


Growing up in Massachusetts, I rarely got to see any really interesting or exciting animals in the wild growing up. Despite that, my own backyard has always been a fine place to see all kinds of animals. For this week’s post, I decided to present the humble groundhog. These guys have been living in my backyard for years, sustaining themselves on our pear tree’s overabundance. I’ve noticed that most New England mammals fall under the ‘small and brown’ genre, such as our rabbits, mice and deer. Groundhogs are no exception: they are indeed animals, and live in holes and stuff. Groundhogs have been known to eat food on occasion, and have even been observed in the wild consuming upwards of two food in one day. The groundhogs in my yard are especially shy and skittish, which is why I’m grateful for this photo.

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