SocialMedia Blog #8 Icefish

Hi! For this week, I wanted to go over an odd fish I learned about in my Marine Biology class. This animal is the icefish, also known as the crocodile icefish. These fish live in the freezing waters of Antarctica, where the water temperatures can go past the freezing point of blood. To circumvent this, the Icefish have no red blood cells at all, completely lacking hemoglobin and taking oxygen in through the skin. As a result the icefish’s insides are pure white, and they totally freak scientists out. Living in such an unfriendly environment, icefish can go long periods without eating, and can eat creatures up to 50% of their body size via ambush. Their blood is being studied as an antifreeze, and may be used in food and organ preservation, as well as an environmentally friendly alternative to road salt. Okay, that’s all I got! Thanks for reading!


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